Why football enjoys such an enthusiasm

Not only in Europe is football the most popular sport in the world. Professional footballers are also celebrated like never...

Youth sports

Why should my child do sports?

Sporting for children is great Perhaps you have already asked yourself whether your child should play sports? Are you wondering if this is a sensible leisure activity and where the...

Youth sports – The role of organised sport in your child’s life

Youth sports as an important part of your child's life Youth sport usually plays an important role in the life of a child. Perhaps you have already made experiences in...


10 expert tips for avoiding frequent sports injuries

Whether climbing, tennis, cycling or ball sports. Real athletes like to go to the limit. They want to get the...

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Extreme sports – How much is too much?

Extreme sport has many faces

Not every athlete is or can be described as an extreme athlete. In principle, it should be clear that even enthusiastic athletes are extremely far away from extreme sports. Nevertheless, it is possible that you are interested in this topic, would like to improve your athletic performance and are now looking for answers? What is extreme sport? How much training is wrong? Where are the limits? Can performance be improved again and can anyone become an extreme athlete? The fact is that this is a very complex topic, which should be answered step by step.

What is much, what is little?

The professional athlete who has been training since childhood will define “a lot of sport” completely differently from the layman who makes his first attempts at sport. Nevertheless, both situations could be described as extreme sports. As it becomes clear, this is a rather subjective assessment. A distinction should be made between realistic and emotional evaluation. If an organism is stressed in the long run and is stressed too much, it is clearly too much. This will be followed by exhaustion and pain – so exercise was too much.

Finding the right balance

In general it cannot be said when the sport is too much or how much is enough. Every case is different, every story should be considered differently. Of course, the regular visits to the doctor provide information and the trainer will also be able to decide whether there is too much strain. If medication, tablets or even doping should be taken, it can be said that it is clearly too much. This limit must never be exceeded. Of course, sporting competition is tough. But it must remain fair and just, otherwise we can no longer talk about the actual sport.

Happiness and suffering of a professional

Of course, professional athletes practice extreme sports. In these cases the orientation is only designed for a profit. Even the smallest mistakes or deviations have great consequences. It’s about peak values, hard, daily training is part of normality and people have to perform at their best. If the condition is good, the passion remains and the success speaks for itself, at least the effort is worth it. However, if there is no lasting improvement and only the strains remain, a rethink is necessary. Perhaps one demands too much from oneself and should remain better realistic?

Pay attention to your own health

Stay realistic and listen to your body, mind and of course the coach as well as friends, family and acquaintances. If you are passionate about a sport yourself, the natural limits are often disregarded. Maybe you want to prevent a value again, increase yourself again and are really fascinated by the idea of winning? Of course a healthy incentive is praiseworthy and even right. However, everything should be practiced in moderation. From the moment when everything revolves around sport and you can’t think of anything else, sport has become too extreme. Don’t neglect your social environment and take breaks or compensate.

Staying realistic

Do not put yourself under too much pressure. As you know, “extreme” can be defined differently. Unaccompanied persons will quickly reach their personal limits even with relatively little physical exertion. Experienced athletes, on the other hand, will achieve completely different results, but will also reach a point where the physical strain becomes enormous. It is important that the limits are recognised. Of course you can be a little hard on yourself. The often mentioned inner pig can be fought with pleasure. Do not overdo it nevertheless. The danger exists from the moment your health is put at risk. No sport and no profit is worth this sacrifice.

10 expert tips for avoiding frequent sports injuries

Whether climbing, tennis, cycling or ball sports. Real athletes like to go to the limit. They want to get the last bit of strength out and reach for the top of their game. But this enthusiasm often overlooks the dangers of everyday sports. Torn ligaments, over-twisted ankles and circulatory problems are some of the most common lesions athletes face. In this article you will find ####.

Balanced diet

The ultimate goal of most athletes is a healthy body. This goal will support you with a healthy and balanced diet. Without a healthy and balanced diet, your body will not be able to cope with the efforts of the sport and you will suffer from circulatory problems. Especially carbohydrates should be considered before sport. But don’t forget to plan enough time between a big meal and the sport. A full stomach is all too likely to react to increased exertion with upset moods.

Small strengthening during sport

In order to provide the body with sufficient strength during sport, you should always resort to smaller snacks. It is important not to eat too much. A banana or a sports bar provides enough energy, but is not heavy in the stomach. This keeps the circulation going.

Magnesium against cramps

Cramps are very often felt in the lower legs. These can be very painful, but are also very easy to prevent. With a banana or a dietary supplement you can prevent cramps before or during exercise. If the cramp has already developed, it helps to stretch the lower leg.

Drinking, drinking, drinking

Due to the loss of fluid during sweating, the body should be supplied with small amounts at regular intervals. Sports drinks consisting of water, sodium and glucose are well suited. Depending upon kind of sport in different composition. Who wants to do without it can mix itself a sport beverage from apple juice and water, in the ratio 1:3. However, the juice should not be sugared.


If the body, still cold, is to start immediately from 0 to 100, serious injuries can occur. You can prevent this with a few short warm-up exercises. The muscles and tendons are thus prepared for the upcoming strain. Take care to warm up the whole body uniformly. However, your warm-up training should not be too strenuous. A few light exercises are enough.


There are several factors to consider when choosing your sportswear. She should sit well, cope with sweat and not rub at any point. Nowadays, functional clothing is available for every type of sport at many sports shops. It supports moisture transport and, thanks to thermal insulation, ensures the perfect temperature under the clothing.

Sports shoes

Sprained ankles, tripping and cruciate ligament tears can be prevented by the right footwear. Ask your sports specialist for advice on the right sport for you.

Too much training

Many athletes want to outdo themselves in every training session and find out how far they can go. However, most injuries are caused by overestimating one’s own abilities. If you want to improve in your sport, you should work your way forward in small steps. If you don’t, you will have to throw breaks caused by injuries back a long way and you will have to start all over again.

Taking breaks

Recreational phases during sports are especially important in summer. However, do not sit down directly after the sport, but walk a few laps at a quiet pace. Otherwise, your circulation could drop too quickly.

Tapes and splints

If they are susceptible to cruciate ligament ruptures and similar injuries, it is advisable to support the affected areas with a tape or splint before exercising. For high-risk sports such as tennis or basketball, these aids are always a good support.

Why football enjoys such an enthusiasm

Not only in Europe is football the most popular sport in the world. Professional footballers are also celebrated like never before in South America. And in football crazy America fans can get more and more enthusiastic about soccer.

But why is football so popular and still so enthusiastic after so many successful decades in international competitions?

The sport for young and old


Even the youngest children kick the ball enthusiastically and are happy when their opponent shoots the ball back. Bambini teams are founded for the youngest players so that the youngsters can emulate the hobby of their dad or mum.

Even in old age, you can still shoot the ball back and forth and thus enjoy playing sports. Football inspires young players and fans as well as older football friends.

Simple game


The round must be square, one of the most famous football quotes explains the basic rules of the game in simple words. Although there are a lot of rules in professional football that regulate the course of the game, the principle of sport does not require much. And this is exactly why football is so popular, everyone has understood that the team that shoots the ball into the goal more often wins. The match doesn’t pose a big challenge to the player, only goals have to be scored.

Whether on the backyard, in the stadium or on the quiet play street, this sport can be played with only one ball. There is no requirement except the player and a ball. That’s why football is so popular globally, whether in the backyard of Berlin or on the market square in Africa, everywhere people play football with enthusiasm.



Whether as a team or together in front of the television, football connects people.

As a player, you learn from the very first training sessions that the cohesion of the players is decisive for the outcome of the game. It is important for children to experience the sense of togetherness and to celebrate success together. Even if in international football some players are celebrated for particularly outstanding performances, without the connection in the team an individual player cannot make a difference.

And as a fan?


We all know the scenes from public viewing when we enthusiastically watch our team win (or lose) in the crowd. Fans experience the emotions together and thus strengthen the cohesion in the group. Whether in the circle of friends or watching the crowd in public, we all feel that we belong together when we cheer our team as a whole.

It is not uncommon for public viewing today to create relationships that are fostered by cohesion.

Football stars are no longer just athletes


Stars from international football clubs are no longer just sports heroes, they are celebrated as international advertising figures like never before. Even the youngest football fans can quickly become a hero from their favourite team. They see this sports star as a hero whom you want to emulate yourself. Of course, advertising professionals have also recognized this and quickly declare individual football stars to be international stars. David Beckham, who has long been in a football pension, is not only known for his achievements on the pitch, he is celebrated all over the world as a fashion icon and is still in demand today as a model that has made millions with his name and is still regularly mentioned in the tabloids.

Sport stars from the international top leagues are celebrated like never before. Especially when they look like the boy from the neighbourhood who has managed to make a name for himself in world football, this has a particularly strong effect on young fans. They want to be like him, wear his jersey, adopt his style.

Football is no longer just about sport, it creates idols and heroes that fans want to remember long after the end of their careers.

Why should my child do sports?

Sporting for children is great

Perhaps you have already asked yourself whether your child should play sports? Are you wondering if this is a sensible leisure activity and where the advantages lie? The answer is quite clear: sport is definitely important for children. Of course, it always depends on the right amount. Not every child likes to play football or can be involved in winter sports. But that much should be clear – there is not this one sport. Every sport is different, every sport is practised differently and the offer is correspondingly large. This fact alone is an advantage. Your child can try it out, discover interests and possibly even achieve small or bigger successes.

Sport is good and does you good

Exercise is important for health. Especially as a schoolchild, long sitting and high concentration can quickly become torture. This makes it all the more important to find the right balance. Exactly this balance is the sport. The children can get their strength up, get their circulation going and increase their well-being. You will soon notice that team sports in particular strengthen the so-called “sense of togetherness”. The children learn discipline, reliability and trust. However, this happens incidentally and is therefore especially important for the youngest.

Numerous advantages for your child through sport:

– a meaningful leisure activity

– prevents boredom and frustration

– strengthens health

– new friendships emerge

– personal motivation

– Compensation for school

– Training of motor skills

Different sports for different tastes

Every child has a different taste and wants to prove himself in a different sport. Certain preferences are quickly clear. Maybe your child has always been fond of football, follows every game and is a little star himself? In this case, the sport is obvious. Encourage this talent and all is well. Some children, on the other hand, only reject sport because the right sport has not yet been found. So be patient and help gently but surely. In the course of time you will find what you are looking for and the little ones will be happy about it.

A meaningful leisure activity

Leisure time is important for a child and should be spent sensibly. However, this is not always easy. What makes sense and how can the pleasant be combined with the useful? Sport is the ideal bridge. The children are busy, have a firm structure and will have fun of course. Sport should not be seen as a compulsion but as a gift. Very important: Respect the wishes of the child. There will be certain sports that the child simply cannot stand. No need to worry – that is perfectly normal. You should always keep in mind that it is not a school subject, that all disciplines have to be completed. Here is the fascination of practicing sport: your child can choose for himself. Hobbies and abilities are taken into account and the children will soon be looking forward to regular sports lessons.

Awakening sporting ambition

Of course, not every child will be the born athlete. However, this is no secret and will not be your first priority. You know best what interests your child, what skills you have and how to motivate them. Show interest and motivate. Perhaps the sporting activity is a bit difficult at the beginning? Maybe there are defeats, your child doesn’t want to continue the sport and would rather “chill” at home? Nevertheless, don’t be too strict. The secret is balance. Show the advantages of sport, but don’t exert pressure. If you succeed, your child will continue to appreciate the variety of sports on offer and “stay on the ball”.

Youth sports – The role of organised sport in your child’s life

Youth sports as an important part of your child’s life

Youth sport usually plays an important role in the life of a child. Perhaps you have already made experiences in this respect and your child is also an enthusiastic sportsman. Perhaps you are still thinking about whether sport is important at all and whether your child could be enthusiastic about it? Here it should quickly become clear that the numerous sporting activities on offer provide enough freedom and will certainly convince you of the importance of youth sports.

Discover slumbering abilities

In physical education, one’s own child is considered unsuitable and therefore physical activity is rather avoided? This is often the case. However, training in leisure time can lead to a turnaround. Suddenly the sporting ambition is awakened, the first abilities are discovered and the enthusiasm is there. You can’t explain this phenomenon? Quite simply: Another sport finally meets the taste or the abilities of the child. From now on, youth sports will play an important role in your child’s life. Possible hidden abilities can now be encouraged and the trainer can build on them. This strengthens the self-confidence and promotes the development of the child. So it is an important step on the way to becoming an adult.

Organized sport ensures a structured daily routine

Many young people lack the right structure in their lives. Some support is not only important but also decisive. Only in this way can differences be overcome and boredom, frustration and stress have no chance. Sport clearly makes this easier.

The club life gives stability

Not only the sport and the connected training should be mentioned here. Of course there is also a club life, which is not less important. The childlike development is always confronted with new challenges. Your child will be shaped and trained on a social level. The often titled “sports spirit” takes a particularly high value. Victories and losses have to be dealt with, training plans are binding and responsibility for the team is trained. The children make new acquaintances from which friendships can develop. Sports events, celebrations or excursions enrich everyday life. It is therefore a varied time in which your child will experience a lot. Maybe there are problems at school or you as parents have little time for your child. Also in such cases the club life can give support and strengthen your child.

Youth sports for your child

Youth sport is an opportunity for many children and should therefore not be underestimated. On the one hand, it is a meaningful leisure activity that is simply fun. On the other hand, sport is important for children. A lack of exercise is not good for the body and also impairs mental abilities in the long run. So you should look for the right sport. There are different offers to choose from, so that your child can try it out and decide for himself. Even this independent decision is important. The trainer is not only an athlete but also a pedagogue who gives tips and assistance.

Finding the right measure

Don’t overdo it with ambition. To mean good does not always mean that it is really good. Maybe your child likes the youth sport, but will never be able to achieve the really big successes. Not everyone will be able to convince with certificate and portal. See your child in the first place and be pleased about the enthusiasm for the youth sport. This joy should not be put on play. Of course certain talents are promoted, but the probability that it concerns a true future sportsman is small. So make sure that you don’t get the wrong picture and that your child doesn’t strain himself too much or exaggerate the training. A healthy measure is also the right way in this case.