Extreme sports – How much is too much?

Extreme sport has many faces

Not every athlete is or can be described as an extreme athlete. In principle, it should be clear that even enthusiastic athletes are extremely far away from extreme sports. Nevertheless, it is possible that you are interested in this topic, would like to improve your athletic performance and are now looking for answers? What is extreme sport? How much training is wrong? Where are the limits? Can performance be improved again and can anyone become an extreme athlete? The fact is that this is a very complex topic, which should be answered step by step.

What is much, what is little?

The professional athlete who has been training since childhood will define “a lot of sport” completely differently from the layman who makes his first attempts at sport. Nevertheless, both situations could be described as extreme sports. As it becomes clear, this is a rather subjective assessment. A distinction should be made between realistic and emotional evaluation. If an organism is stressed in the long run and is stressed too much, it is clearly too much. This will be followed by exhaustion and pain – so exercise was too much.

Finding the right balance

In general it cannot be said when the sport is too much or how much is enough. Every case is different, every story should be considered differently. Of course, the regular visits to the doctor provide information and the trainer will also be able to decide whether there is too much strain. If medication, tablets or even doping should be taken, it can be said that it is clearly too much. This limit must never be exceeded. Of course, sporting competition is tough. But it must remain fair and just, otherwise we can no longer talk about the actual sport.

Happiness and suffering of a professional

Of course, professional athletes practice extreme sports. In these cases the orientation is only designed for a profit. Even the smallest mistakes or deviations have great consequences. It’s about peak values, hard, daily training is part of normality and people have to perform at their best. If the condition is good, the passion remains and the success speaks for itself, at least the effort is worth it. However, if there is no lasting improvement and only the strains remain, a rethink is necessary. Perhaps one demands too much from oneself and should remain better realistic?

Pay attention to your own health

Stay realistic and listen to your body, mind and of course the coach as well as friends, family and acquaintances. If you are passionate about a sport yourself, the natural limits are often disregarded. Maybe you want to prevent a value again, increase yourself again and are really fascinated by the idea of winning? Of course a healthy incentive is praiseworthy and even right. However, everything should be practiced in moderation. From the moment when everything revolves around sport and you can’t think of anything else, sport has become too extreme. Don’t neglect your social environment and take breaks or compensate.

Staying realistic

Do not put yourself under too much pressure. As you know, “extreme” can be defined differently. Unaccompanied persons will quickly reach their personal limits even with relatively little physical exertion. Experienced athletes, on the other hand, will achieve completely different results, but will also reach a point where the physical strain becomes enormous. It is important that the limits are recognised. Of course you can be a little hard on yourself. The often mentioned inner pig can be fought with pleasure. Do not overdo it nevertheless. The danger exists from the moment your health is put at risk. No sport and no profit is worth this sacrifice.

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