Why football enjoys such an enthusiasm

Not only in Europe is football the most popular sport in the world. Professional footballers are also celebrated like never before in South America. And in football crazy America fans can get more and more enthusiastic about soccer.

But why is football so popular and still so enthusiastic after so many successful decades in international competitions?

The sport for young and old


Even the youngest children kick the ball enthusiastically and are happy when their opponent shoots the ball back. Bambini teams are founded for the youngest players so that the youngsters can emulate the hobby of their dad or mum.

Even in old age, you can still shoot the ball back and forth and thus enjoy playing sports. Football inspires young players and fans as well as older football friends.

Simple game


The round must be square, one of the most famous football quotes explains the basic rules of the game in simple words. Although there are a lot of rules in professional football that regulate the course of the game, the principle of sport does not require much. And this is exactly why football is so popular, everyone has understood that the team that shoots the ball into the goal more often wins. The match doesn’t pose a big challenge to the player, only goals have to be scored.

Whether on the backyard, in the stadium or on the quiet play street, this sport can be played with only one ball. There is no requirement except the player and a ball. That’s why football is so popular globally, whether in the backyard of Berlin or on the market square in Africa, everywhere people play football with enthusiasm.



Whether as a team or together in front of the television, football connects people.

As a player, you learn from the very first training sessions that the cohesion of the players is decisive for the outcome of the game. It is important for children to experience the sense of togetherness and to celebrate success together. Even if in international football some players are celebrated for particularly outstanding performances, without the connection in the team an individual player cannot make a difference.

And as a fan?


We all know the scenes from public viewing when we enthusiastically watch our team win (or lose) in the crowd. Fans experience the emotions together and thus strengthen the cohesion in the group. Whether in the circle of friends or watching the crowd in public, we all feel that we belong together when we cheer our team as a whole.

It is not uncommon for public viewing today to create relationships that are fostered by cohesion.

Football stars are no longer just athletes


Stars from international football clubs are no longer just sports heroes, they are celebrated as international advertising figures like never before. Even the youngest football fans can quickly become a hero from their favourite team. They see this sports star as a hero whom you want to emulate yourself. Of course, advertising professionals have also recognized this and quickly declare individual football stars to be international stars. David Beckham, who has long been in a football pension, is not only known for his achievements on the pitch, he is celebrated all over the world as a fashion icon and is still in demand today as a model that has made millions with his name and is still regularly mentioned in the tabloids.

Sport stars from the international top leagues are celebrated like never before. Especially when they look like the boy from the neighbourhood who has managed to make a name for himself in world football, this has a particularly strong effect on young fans. They want to be like him, wear his jersey, adopt his style.

Football is no longer just about sport, it creates idols and heroes that fans want to remember long after the end of their careers.

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