Why should my child do sports?

Sporting for children is great

Perhaps you have already asked yourself whether your child should play sports? Are you wondering if this is a sensible leisure activity and where the advantages lie? The answer is quite clear: sport is definitely important for children. Of course, it always depends on the right amount. Not every child likes to play football or can be involved in winter sports. But that much should be clear – there is not this one sport. Every sport is different, every sport is practised differently and the offer is correspondingly large. This fact alone is an advantage. Your child can try it out, discover interests and possibly even achieve small or bigger successes.

Sport is good and does you good

Exercise is important for health. Especially as a schoolchild, long sitting and high concentration can quickly become torture. This makes it all the more important to find the right balance. Exactly this balance is the sport. The children can get their strength up, get their circulation going and increase their well-being. You will soon notice that team sports in particular strengthen the so-called “sense of togetherness”. The children learn discipline, reliability and trust. However, this happens incidentally and is therefore especially important for the youngest.

Numerous advantages for your child through sport:

– a meaningful leisure activity

– prevents boredom and frustration

– strengthens health

– new friendships emerge

– personal motivation

– Compensation for school

– Training of motor skills

Different sports for different tastes

Every child has a different taste and wants to prove himself in a different sport. Certain preferences are quickly clear. Maybe your child has always been fond of football, follows every game and is a little star himself? In this case, the sport is obvious. Encourage this talent and all is well. Some children, on the other hand, only reject sport because the right sport has not yet been found. So be patient and help gently but surely. In the course of time you will find what you are looking for and the little ones will be happy about it.

A meaningful leisure activity

Leisure time is important for a child and should be spent sensibly. However, this is not always easy. What makes sense and how can the pleasant be combined with the useful? Sport is the ideal bridge. The children are busy, have a firm structure and will have fun of course. Sport should not be seen as a compulsion but as a gift. Very important: Respect the wishes of the child. There will be certain sports that the child simply cannot stand. No need to worry – that is perfectly normal. You should always keep in mind that it is not a school subject, that all disciplines have to be completed. Here is the fascination of practicing sport: your child can choose for himself. Hobbies and abilities are taken into account and the children will soon be looking forward to regular sports lessons.

Awakening sporting ambition

Of course, not every child will be the born athlete. However, this is no secret and will not be your first priority. You know best what interests your child, what skills you have and how to motivate them. Show interest and motivate. Perhaps the sporting activity is a bit difficult at the beginning? Maybe there are defeats, your child doesn’t want to continue the sport and would rather “chill” at home? Nevertheless, don’t be too strict. The secret is balance. Show the advantages of sport, but don’t exert pressure. If you succeed, your child will continue to appreciate the variety of sports on offer and “stay on the ball”.

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